What’s in it for me?

Human resources are major power in any sphere of life in the 21st century.
Let’s grow a community of trusted people.

Seeking a job?

Do you know that recruiters rely on recommendations more than anything else?
Time to collect them.

Looking for a roommate?

Read what former roommates say about this person.
And make sure he learns about you from your references.

Traveling with new acquaintances?

Find out about their traveling habits from former co-travelers.
It's people who create memories in journeys, right?

Are you a new student?

Learn more about your classmates by reading their personal recommendations.
Friends tell stories about us better than we can.

Storytelling is powerful.
Help a friend by telling his story!

Ask your friends to leave you a recommendation of one of the 4 types.
Create a trusted personal brand!

Group of friends


People around you define who you are. Learn about people you deal with on a daily basis. With your friends’ recommendations you can build your reputation of a trusted and reliable person.
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Group of professionals


Recruiters rely on recommendations from former workmates to a great extent. Increase your chances of landing a dream job with feedback about your professional skills and performance.
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Group of roommates


Looking for a roommate, but not sure if you’re compatible? Find out what previous roommates say about this person. You can also help your current roommates to find a perfect fit in future.
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Group of backpackers


Did you meet someone during your trip and have an amazing time exploring sights together? Tell the whole world about your co-traveler. Let others know what an asset this person is for any journey!
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