Anna Vershinina

Aspiring marketer. Passionate traveler.
Joined on Nov 22, 2015

Ambitious and motivated graduate student with international background, who is seeking a new position in Marketing.

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Born to inspire

I met Anna 3 months ago at Hult International Business School, when we both started our Master of International Marketing in San Francisco, CA. As the school strongly believes in teamwork, it organized each cohort in 12 teams, and it turned out that Anna was in my team. Because of the fact that I spent every single day with her since we teamed up, I can state with certainty that she actually has clear notion of what team work is all about.
The time we spent together both in class and team meetings allows me to say that I truly know her both professionally and personally.
If I had to define Anna in few words, I would highlight her natural flair to influence people, thanks to her charisma as well as communication skills, and her creativity to solve challenges.
But let me explain her capabilities and personality a bit further.
Unawares, she behaves like a leader, and because of her well-founded strong arguments, it is easy for people to obey her “commands”. At the same time, she works really hard on keeping a cordial, respectful and joyful atmosphere, what makes people feel keen to contribute by sharing thoughts and insights.
Moreover, Anna has a clear notion of what should be done and how it should be done. In fact, because of her analytical skills, she knows how to quickly identify the main goal to be achieved and she just starts focusing on achieving it as soon as possible.
Furthermore, she has a positive energy above normal levels, and she just focus on good aspects and how to solve problems rather than centering in excuses and culpabilities.
In addition, she...



В моём представлении Аня - человек-праздник: рядом с ней неизменно поднимается настроение, с ней просто хорошо. Аня улыбается не только на фото в соцсетях - она так же улыбается в жизни, поверьте ))
Аня добрая, честная, весёлая. Если хотите классно затусить (отметить ДР, НГ, любое другое событие) - это к Ане. При этом Аня никогда не теряет голову. А! Я не сказала ещё, что она умница ) Красный диплом, все дела ))
Аня - один из самых энергичных человечков, что я знаю. Она как розовый зайчик из рекламы батареек )) И на неё всегда можно рассчитывать, если нужна помощь и поддержка. Люблю её.


Always there for you

If you are lucky enough to to be one of Anna's friends - she will always be there for you. In my opinion that's, like, the best characteristic ever for a friend. Another great thing that Anna does is that she always tries to see the situation from another person's point of view and tries to elaborate a solution, suitable for both parties. I believe this also makes her a great employee and colleague. One more thing: if you lack organization, you go to Anna. Her example will make you want to become more proactive about your life, be more aware of the moment, keep track of important things and be less lazy. Come to her for inspiration and advice. Anna definitely taught me to whine less and see 'problems' as 'opportunities'. Thank you for everything, dear friend ?


The best English teacher

Ann has been my teacher of English for 4 years. During this period my level of English has rocketed. Each lesson with Ann was interesting, constructive, informative and of course entertaining. Till now I fondly remember these classes. Despite the fact that our lessons were on Sundays, I didn't regret about it because it was really great opportunity for me to develop my English skills. Furthermore, classes with Ann made me fell cheerful and went for my benefit:)

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Teacher and student

A wonderful teacher and person!!

I know Anna more than 3 years and I'd say that she is a very positive and amazing person. Every time when I saw her I felt much better, because she energizes everybody.
As a teacher she is very good because all lessons have been funny, interesting and understandable.
We also sometimes chat a lot and I can easyly say that she is the most positive person who I have ever met!!!


A good comrade and friend

As for me, Anna has been always a person who caused my admiration. When I worked with her side by side, each time I was amazed by her abilities in the field of knowledge of the language and the political field. Anna is a true professional and a great friend!
I never cease to put her up as an example, I know,that she has already achieved great success in life, and people need to take her as an example!

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A good comrade and friend